Tripsi is the centralized location for all your board’s travel management. Our educational travel procurement platform is a no cost solution to school boards to effectively manage all aspects of educational overnight travel.

Easy Policy Compliance

Your school board’s travel policies and procedures can be customized into Tripsi’s platform. Each step of every school trip will seamlessly comply with your policy. Each board decides the compliance parameters to be included on their Tripsi procurement platform. Principals, superintendents and teachers can all be confident policy is being followed.

Easy Vendor Management

Tripsi puts the school board in the driver’s seat for student travel. Your board selects the vendors that meet your requirements. The travel experiences offered by those vendors will be made available for teachers to choose from your school board’s online catalogue.

Decentralized Procurement

Tripsi's uniquely designed decentralized procurement allows school boards visibility into every teacher’s trip. Dates, destinations, student passenger lists, emergency contact information, costs, approvals and other analytics are all in one centralized location.

Authorizations & Approvals

Tripsi can be configured to ensure that all travel planning procedures are compliant with your school board’s travel policy. As a digital workflow, everyone involved saves time. Changes and amendments to policy and procedures can be updated at any time.

Trip Risk Monitoring

Tripsi gives the school boards the tools to be vigilant and proactive. Even typically safe countries such as England and France can be subject to governmental travel advisories from time to time.

Money Collection

Tripsi uses a world-class payment processing platform designed to streamline money collection for educational overnight travel.


Data Analytics

Analytics can be invaluable for ongoing policy management and alignment of strategic plans with future travel. In one centralized location, superintendents can learn exactly how much their community spent on educational travel, which trips were most popular, how many students, and how many chaperones.

Certification Management

Tripsi’s task management system ensures visibility for all stakeholders for high risk activities. As an example, if your board specifies that all students must complete a swim test prior to travel, then Tripsi’s task list specifies passed swim tests must be completed before the trip travels.

Insurance Assurance

Through partnerships with leading insurance providers, Tripsi ensures that every trip, every student, and every teacher has the same best-in-class school board approved level of coverage. No more checking insurance policies between vendors to make sure the insurance is adequate.

Your Strategic Vision and Student Travel

What if school trips were designed to coordinate with your board’s strategic vision? What if educational travel supported your board’s mission statement? Tripsi can help you with that. Let us show you how.

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